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On this page, you can view our 24/7 giveaways.

We are currently hosting a ULTIMATE shopping spree sweepstakes! How does it work? Out of our raffel-box of stickers, we are going to pick just 5 people to get the opportunity of a lifetime. The five winners will be given only one minute each to grab as many things they can. Once the time runs out, everything they grabbed will be theirs for no cost. Currently, our giveaway winners will be picked on Halloween. You can enter our giveaway by emailing us at stickermemestore@outlook.org. No information is required and it's 100% safe. At the same time, we're also hosting a 5,000$ SPOOKY bundle giveaway that you can enter below! The SPOOKY bundle includes the following: $2,500 USD worth of V-Bucks 15 Crates of dead meme free memes and also halloween costume of pickle rick and chungus toy.

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