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Thank you for checking out our Pricing subsection!

On this page, you can view our 24/7 updated prices and safety.

As you can see, we offer low prices, which all stickers are 99 cents. Recently, we have implemented a new ID recognization registration. You're probably confused as to what this is. Well, I'm glad to tell you that it is really simple. Below this text, our prices are listed. All prices are cheaper and more affordable than other brands, right? Well, we took this to the next level, with our new recognization registration, we can identify you as who you are, and give you better deals, free coupons and cheaper costs. For example, people who are currently employed in the military or have employed will receive 25% off every purchase. People who have been driving over a year and never crashed their vehicle shall receive 10% off. People who work in animal shelters voluntarily, people who have donated to charity or people who are struggling will mental/physical health will receive free coupons, free rewards and 15% off every purchase here at Meme Sticker Store. Also, on weekends we have an 10% sale that EVERYONE will get, and can be added to current discount. Food that has been in the store longer will be discounted every month, until it is sold.

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